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Fondaziones Pistoletto – Cittadellarte

Fondazione Pistoletto is a non-profit organization established in 1998 with the acknowledgment of Regione Piemonte, with which it has an agreement. Cittadellarte is the original seat of the Third Paradise project, the place where to experience a way of living based on the vision of the Third Paradise. It is different from academies and museums inasmuch as it develops a socially engaged art, besides the established exhibition and educational purposes. The name “Cittadellarte” refers to the concept of civitas, since the aim itself of this organization is to produce civility through art. Cittadellarte operates in network with about a hundred government institutions; companies and professional associations; third sector organizations, private collective subjects or public-private partnerships; private individuals, professionals from different sectors,etc.; the Rebirth Embassies (created in 2012 in over 100 instances in over 20 countries).

Fondazione Pistoletto is leading both residency programmes – caravan residency programme, and provide active curatorial support to the public presentations and visual showcases. It will actively participate in the project management as well as project communication and dissemination at the European, national and local levels, focused on the networks and individual social entrepreneurs, artists and activists.  Fondazione Pistoletto will actively contribute to quality monitoring and evaluation of the project outcomes and outputs.