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Co-funded by the
Creative Europe Programme
of the European Union

Musée Royal de Mariemont

The Royal Museum of Mariemont was recognized as a scientific institution in 1981. The museum displays a large collection of artefacts from various periods and regions including Egypt, the Near East, Greece, Rome and the Far East, bequeathed to the State in the early 20th century by the industrialist and collector Raoul Warocqué,  Mariemont estate’s founder.

Mariemont’s collection of classical antiquities has always aroused great interest. Its current presentation puts face to face the different civilizations which developed simultaneously in Greece and Italy, and in the Mediterranean world. The Royal Museum of Mariemont was actively involved in archaeological excavations in Alexandria, has strong expertise in the Alexandrian history, and plays an important role of dissemination for other scientific institutions studying the Alexandrian heritage. The museum documented the archaeological collection at the Alexandria University museum.

The principal task of the Royal Museum of Mariemont within the Alexandria Creative Europe project is the co-creation (with BOZAR and Mucem) of the new and innovative exhibition on Alexandria for presentation in Brussels and in Marseille, and the organization of one training session. The exhibition will mix both archaeological and modern Alexandrian urban heritage and highlight the city’s legacy. The exhibition will take the visitor on a journey of discovery of an ancient city that is full of nuances, the many gaps in the history and urban planning of the city filled from recent discoveries which refine our knowledge of the megapolis from its creation to the destruction in the 4th century. The exhibition will comprise five sections exploring Alexandria’s position across the West and the East and will open windows into Byzantine, Arabic and Modern times. Contemporary artists will be included in the analysis, to speculate, recycle, think and deconstruct the city, its history, urban heritage and contemporary life.