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Co-funded by the
Creative Europe Programme
of the European Union

Onassis Stegi – Ariona Hellas AE

Onassis Foundation (ARIONA), with the Onassis STEGI as its cultural hub, hosts events and actions across the whole spectrum of the arts from theatre, dance, music, cinema and the visual arts to the written word, with an emphasis on contemporary cultural expression, on supporting Greek artists, on cultivating international collaborations. In addition, it plans and coordinates international tours and exchanges for Onassis productions and promotes inter awareness and interaction between science, innovation and the arts. The Onassis Foundation acquired the Cavafy Archive in 2012 with a view on providing free and open access to its materials, on promoting C. P. Cavafy’s work and the international character of his poetry and on bolstering education and culture through archival resources. The archive consists of more than 2.000 archival items of the Egyptiot Greek poet C. P. Cavafy (1863-1933). In 2020, a new space will be inaugurated in the center of Athens to house the Cavafy Archive.

In collaboration with the rest of the partners Onassis Stegi takes an active part in designing and implementing the project activities. Onassis Stegi will support the artistic research and actively participate in the residency scheme proposed by supporting one social entrepreneur or researcher and four artists in residency to explore the Alexandrian legacy of the Egyptiot Greek poet C. P. Cavafy through visits at the Cavafy archive and a series of workshops which will culminate to artistic productions and to final local public event. Moreover, Onassis Stegi will collaborate with associate partners Teatrum Mundi and CLUSTER, and lead a small scale residency project on urban sound and the politics of memory, the results of which will be presented in a public assembly in Athens. It will lead the identification process. Onassis Stegi will contribute to the monitoring, and communication and dissemination activities on the European, national and regional level.