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Alexandria: (Re)activating Common Urban Imaginaries’ offers a training process that aims to nurture the historical, societal and artistic knowledge and skills of both heritage and arts professionals. This collective knowledge will be generated through a series of 4 workshops specifically addressed at a general audience and professionals such as archaeologists, historians, curators, urbanists, architects, students, artists and scientists.

The themes and set-up of each workshop will be developed and communicated over the project’s course. Each address one or more of the exhibition’s themes and be tailored to the organising partner’s area of expertise. The first one took place in Leiden (Leiden University). The upcoming trainings will be in Morlanwelz (Musée Royal de Mariemont) in October 2022, Brussels (Bozar) and Aarhus (Kunsthal) throughout 2023.

  • Public symposium: ‘The global cosmopolis. Past, present and future of the city of Alexandria’

    Public symposium – January 20-21, 2022 Leiden – Old Observatory (https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/old-observatory) room B 104 and online (how to connect) Founded by Alexander the Great, Alexandria developed into the economic and cultural centre of the ancient world during the third century BCE. In the final two centuries BCE, Alexandria truly was a world city, a cosmopolis […]

  • Training of professionals: ‘Ancient Alexandria and its cultural heritage’

    Workshop proposed – 28-29th October 2022 Royal Museum of Mariemont (http://www.musee-mariemont.be/index.php?id=19019) The Royal Museum of Mariemont organised two days of conferences for the general public, presented by international specialists on ancient Alexandria. Friday 28 October at BOZAR was devoted to ancient and recent archaeological research, both on land and underwater, with an overview of the […]