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Artworks from the exhibition

Discover some artworks that will be displayed during the ‘Alexandria: Past Futures’ exhibition.

  • Hrair Sarkissian’s photographic series, Background

    Hrair Sarkissian’s photographic series, Background

    About the artwork: In Background, Hrair Sarkissian photographed hundreds of examples of empty, staged backdrops in photographic studios across six Middle Eastern cities-Alexandria, Amman, Beirut, Byblos, Cairo and Istanbul. These backdrops, absent of their sitters, become symbols of lost traditions, cultural identity and time; eulogies to a certain period within a society and celebrations of portraiture as […]

  • Ring with intaglio, Gold and jasper

    Ring with intaglio, Gold and jasper

    About the artwork: The scene engraved on this jasper immerses us in the religious world of Roman Egypt. On the left, the patron god of the city of Alexandria, Serapis, is seated on a backless throne, facing right, holding a long sceptre in his raised right hand. He is draped in a cloak that wraps […]

  • Coin « Alexandria lightouse »

    Coin « Alexandria lightouse »

    About the artwork: This bronze coin, kept in the Royal Museum of Mariemont, dates from the 2nd century AD and measures 3.5 cm in diameter. In its centre we can see the engraved Lighthouse of Alexandria.  Between East and West, Alexandria has often been considered as an ideal city. A commercial metropolis of the Eastern […]